The Most Engaging TV Shows in the US: June 2023

Can you guess which were the most engaging TV shows in the US in June 2023? With ever-increasing competition for viewership among networks vying to engage their audiences, it is important to understand how engaging content is and how it impacts audiences.

Since the launch of our EIS Scoreboard in early May, we have monitored and measured hundreds of hours of US television, highlighting the engagement level of shows across a wide range of networks and genres.

Today, we are excited to reveal the top-scoring shows for June 2023. From sports to scripted and unscripted shows, we calculated each show’s Emotional Impact Score (EIS) to identify the most engaging one per genre on US prime-time television. So, here are the three most engaging shows on US television, with a brief analysis of each.

Mediaprobe Most Engaging TV Shows in the US June 2023

Scripted Shows: The Rising, S01E03, on The CW

The top scripted show on American TV during the month of June was Episode 3 of the first season of The CW’s show The Rising, with an EIS score of 631. The show scored 20% above the norm for all scripted shows during the month of June, and 18% above the norm for its genre during Q2 of 2023. Even when compared to all TV shows we monitored in June, The Rise S01 E03 scored 23% higher.

An original British show from Sky Studios – and based on a Belgian TV original – The Rising is a supernatural crime show that follows the plight of Neve Kelly, a young woman who wakes up after being murdered and is now looking to find the culprits of the crime while dealing with the fact that she is dead. A combination that clearly engaged the audience during this particular episode.

Unscripted Shows: Stars on Mars Premiere, FOX

What happens when a group of famous people is placed in a small habitat to simulate a mission to an inhospitable planet? That is the premise of Stars on Mars, a FOX reality show hosted by none other than Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. The premiere of the show ranks first among our Top Unscripted Shows for the month of June, with an EIS of 642.

The first episode of this new reality show scored 24% higher than the norm for Unscripted Shows in June and 26% higher than all shows on TV in June. Compared with the shows we monitored during the second quarter of the year, Stars on Mars premiered 14% above the norm for all Unscripted shows and 22% above all other shows, respectively.

Sports Shows: UEFA Champions League Final, CBS

The CBS broadcast of the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Inter Milan was the most engaging Sports Show on US TV in June. With an EIS of 591, the show scored 14% above the norm for Sports Shows during June and 10% above all shows on US TV in the same period.

As we previously demonstrated in our case study, the UCL Final has outperformed all other major sports finals in the United States this year, demonstrating soccer’s growing appeal to US audiences. So it is no surprise that the broadcast of the Champions League final scored 14% higher than the norm for sports in Q2 and 22% higher than the norm for all TV. 


The month of June delivered some highly engaging moments on television, although, overall, the average EIS of the most engaging TV shows in the US in June 2023 was 1% lower than what we registered on average during the previous months of 2023.

If you are interested in understanding which programs have engaged audiences the most, you can check our EIS Scoreboard which we update weekly with the latest shows we measured.

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