The Power of Live Content: How UEFA Euro 2024 Outperforms Standard TV

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament has truly engaged viewers with its captivating power to stir the emotions of football/soccer fans right from the start. Live sports are an integral part of the television experience, delivering the excitement of real-time events directly into our homes. Emotion plays a pivotal role in the sports world and industry, and UEFA Euro 2024 has lived up to the expectations in this regard.

Mediaprobe has been tracking diligently the viewers’ emotional engagement in three distinct markets – the United Kingdom, Portugal, and the United States. The analysis we have conducted has provided thrilling results! The audiences are highly engaged with the live content/broadcasts, showcasing a remarkable +24% Emotional Impact Score (EIS) benchmarked against non-sports TV programming.

Brands that have harnessed the power of live broadcasts during Euro 2024 have seen significant benefits, with advertisements during matches outperforming our standard TV commercial benchmarks by a notable 36%. Furthermore, our study has highlighted a direct link between emotional impact and key brand metrics like brand awareness. Brands featured during the UEFA Euro 2024 broadcasts have achieved an exceptional +22% unaided brand recall to commercials during regular broadcasts. These findings once again emphasize the benefits of aligning marketing strategies and investments with live sports.

Do you know how viewers reacted to every second of your broadcast?

Stay tuned for more as we keep tracking the highlights of the tournament.

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