Boost Fandom in Live Events: Unlocking Emotional Impact – Webinar

Are you looking to boost fan engagement in your live events? Existing tools for tracking attendance and gathering declarative insights and post-event evaluations fall short of capturing attendees’ real-time emotional engagement, leaving significant gaps in understanding your audiences’ true experience. How can you bridge this gap and unlock deeper insights into your audience’s full experience?

It’s time you start measuring participants’ emotional engagement as they are exposed to content in live settings! Over the past year, Mediaprobe has been working with a selected group of companies including NBCUniversal and Bauer Media Audio Portugal on piloting a solution to measure the emotional impact generated in live events by capturing the real-time emotional responses of the participants.

Why is this important?

Live events represent unique opportunities for building fandom and for brand activation. Event organizers/promotors and brands understand that success is not just measured by ticket sales, but by the quality of the fan experience. Understanding the audience’s emotional reactions, second-by-second, and their emotional engagement at the time of exposure and experience in a given location, unlocks insights that can boost both the in-person experience and commercial activations.

Would you like to know more? 

Join Beatriz Ribeiro, Head of Client Success at Mediaprobe, and discover how leading media, entertainment, and sports organizations are leveraging Mediaprobe’s innovative solution grounded in the science of galvanic skin response (GSR) to measure and maximize fan emotional engagement to optimize an event’s impact. 

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Learn about:

  • Bridging the gap: Why existing methods leave gaps in understanding audiences’ full experience
  • The solution: What you can achieve by measuring emotional impact in live events
  • Types of events: Where and how you can leverage it
  • Science & Tech: What backs the approach and how it all works
  • Case studies: Learn from real-world examples of tracking on-site audience biometric reactions, and how it uncovers insights into levels of engagement with certain experiences, spaces or activations, commercial integrations, content, and more at events such as NBCUniversal’s BravoCon 2023, Bauer Media Audio Portugal | Radio Comercial’s concert “45 In the Night”, and others.


Unlock the full potential of your live events and deliver an exceptional fan experience.

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