Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA Recognizes Mediaprobe as Portugal’s Top 10

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA has once again highlighted the remarkable growth of technology companies across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This year’s edition is particularly noteworthy, as it acknowledges companies from Portugal that have already made a significant impact in their respective markets and beyond.

One of the top 10 national companies recognized by the program for the second consecutive year is Mediaprobe.


A Spotlight on Outstanding Growth

The Technology Fast 500 EMEA program aims to identify and celebrate the fastest-growing technology companies in the region. This year’s list includes 16 national companies that were also part of the Technology Fast 50 2023 cohort, underscoring their consistent performance and dynamic expansion.


Pedro Brás da Silva on Portuguese Innovation

“The Technology Fast 500 EMEA distinguishes the fastest-growing technology companies in the region and is a brand recognized by the industry community. This edition proves the special growth of several Portuguese companies that had already been distinguished by Fast 50 Portugal, now in an international context,” comments Pedro Brás da Silva, Associate Partner at Deloitte.

This statement not only highlights the achievements of individual companies but also points to a broader trend of technological innovation within Portugal—a country making its mark on the global tech scene.


Recognizing Excellence on an International Stage

The inclusion of these Portuguese companies in the Technology Fast 500 EMEA list extends beyond national borders, placing them on an international stage where they can attract more significant investment and partnerships.


Mediaprobe’s repeated recognition in this program underscores its ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology and industry leadership.

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