Group Impresa and Mediaprobe Partner to Innovate & Transform Media Measurement in Portugal

Group Impresa, leading media group in Portugal, and Mediaprobe will collaborate in a partnership aimed at providing advertisers with new, accurate, and detailed data on the performance of their advertising campaigns. This collaboration represents a significant industry milestone, ensuring that the impact of ads is optimized. Furthermore, this method will add value to traditional assessments and measure other indicators (emotional reactions to content and advertising), at the exact moment (while watching or listening in real-time), and in the right place (various content distribution platforms and live events).


For the first time, media measurement goes beyond counting eyeballs, providing metrics that enable understanding and activation based on the emotional impact of content on consumers.


Advertisers recognize the need for metrics that guarantee the effectiveness of their investments and, through this partnership, the Impresa group is committed to offering advanced solutions that demonstrate and maximize the true value of their content.


Pedro Almeida, CEO of Mediaprobe, says: “Advertisers recognize the importance of having access to metrics that ensure that their investments are placed in quality content, and that the impact of advertising, whether in breaks or in the form of branded content, is optimized. Through this partnership we believe we can unequivocally demonstrate the quality and value of the Impresa group’s content, as well as innovate in the way advertising is activated in Portugal, thus delivering more value to advertisers.”


Francisco Pedro Balsemão, CEO of Group Impresa states: “We are on the side of advertisers so that they can be increasingly more effective in reaching their consumers and the audience they want to reach. Therefore, it is with enthusiasm that we begin this partnership, which will allow us to elevate the standard for media measurement in our market. Advertisers will be able to make decisions with more and better information and a more refined strategic sense, ensuring that their advertising campaigns have the best possible results.”


Through this initiative, Group Impresa and Mediaprobe reaffirm their commitment to leading innovation in the media measurement sector in Portugal, developing essential insights to maximize the return on investment of advertising campaigns and content.


About Impresa:
Impresa was born with EXPRESSO in 1973, grew with SIC in 1992, and is today a universe of channels and brands. Every day, it produces 7 channels (SIC, SIC Internacional, SIC Notícias, SIC Radical, SIC Mulher, SIC K, SIC Caras) and the largest newspaper in the country, EXPRESSO, the sales leader. Every day, 4.6 million viewers contact SIC channels. The group has grown into new business areas, such as the Opto streaming platform.

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