Mediaprobe and Bauer Media Audio Portugal partner to boost the emotional impact of live events

Mediaprobe has partnered with Bauer Media Audio Portugal | Bauer Media Group in measuring and quantifying the emotional impact generated by one of their concerts45 In The Night, Radio Comercial anniversary concert in Lisbon. 

Bauer Media Group is part of a selected group of companies piloting Mediaprobe’s solution to measure the emotional impact generated in live events by capturing the real-time emotional responses of the participants.


The findings are exceptional: watching this concert was equivalent to the experience of 12 rides on a rollercoaster and was more exciting than watching Portugal’s National Soccer team playing in the last FIFA World Cup with 4 moments registering an average Emotional Impact above 1000 EIS points (Emotional Impact Score), surpassing all Mediaprobe’s benchmarks for both live events and television

The concert was a first when it comes to the type of events measured by Mediaprobe, who has been working with NBC on BravoCon 2023, FC Porto on soccer matches (live on stadium vs live on TV), or even CNN Portugal, measuring their conferences.


For live events organizers or broadcasters, or even for sponsors, and in the words of Pedro Ribeiro, the Programming Director of Rádio Comercial, “this Mediaprobe study is an incredible innovation that gives us tangible values of the emotional impact of the experience on viewers. This opens up countless new opportunities for us, not only to better understand how our shows impact the public but also as a tool to improve all the content we create.”


Mediaprobe’s Live Events measurement is done via the collection of biometric data from sensors placed in the participants’ hands and its synchronization with the live event. The company’s benchmarks are based on thousands of biometric data points collected from thousands of households exposed to video and audio formats, as well as live audiences.


Mediaprobe’s Continued Innovation in Emotional Impact Measurement


Mediaprobe continues its journey to revolutionize the field of media measurement. The company works regularly with NBC and CBS in the USA, having analyzed major events like the Super Bowl and various reality shows. In the sonic space, partnerships with Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group and Spotify (Sonic Science Vol. 2) have unlocked the value of radio advertising and audio content, respectively. 


Pedro Almeida, CEO at Mediaprobe, concludes, “These innovative projects have a multifold impact. For our clients like Bauer Media Group and NBC, the results empower them to optimize their events’ impact. For us, it underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and our vision for the future of live events and media measurement.”

Mediaprobe-PR-45 in the Night, Radio Comercia, Bauer Media Audio Portugal
45 In the Night, photo courtesy of Rádio Comercial. Click to see the YouTube video.

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